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Reducing Mice Callbacks

Read more on how to reduce mice callbacks from Dr. Jack! 

 pdf Mice -- 6 tips to reduce callbacks

Health Reform Updates

Hi Association Executive,

Hope all is well.

Below is a Health Reform Legislation update as it pertains to age 26 and pre-existing conditions.

I want to be sure that I keep you in the loop. :-)

Please le me know if you have any questions.


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VPMA Tech of the Year

VPMA is looking for the 2010 Technician of the Year...

Could he/she be from your company? 

Read the attached pdf 2010 VPMA Technician of the Year and nominate a deserving technician.


Disaster Plan




Date: April 29, 2010

Re:      Emergency Planning/Disaster Recovery

According to Ready Virginia, "Emergencies can be sudden and unexpected and not every disaster shows up in the weather forecast.  Planning ahead of time is essential to the safety of employees and to the survival of your business."

A complete list of emergency supplies, planning worksheets and information about hazards that can impact Virginia are available at http://www.readyvirginia.gov/



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Computer Safety Tips

From LoveToKnow Safety

When your computer slows down, acts up, or crashes, you realize the importance of computer safety tips you thought of practicing, but never implemented. It's just as important to practice safety when it comes to your identity and financial information stored on your computer, and safety for both goes hand in hand.

Safety Tips for Computer Users


Steps to Keep Your Computer Safe

When you think about keeping your PC safe, your thoughts probably follow along the lines of firewalls, anti-virus software, and other tools used to protect your PC from an outside attack via the web. These are all real threats, and steps should be taken to protect your computer, however for the scope of this article let's take a look at computer safety tips from the user side of the screen. Remember the days when people left homes unlocked without a worry? Unfortunately, there aren't many places like that anymore, and when the unforeseen theft strikes an unsuspecting household, the people say, "Things like this just don't happen here." In reality, if those people had taken steps to secure their homes, the theft would never have occurred. Today many people lock their homes and even install security systems for protection. With all the information stored on your computer, you should take the same precautions for your PC.


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